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What Else Is New? FINRA Skates Despite “Massive” Failure To Produce Documents

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Let’s play pretend.  Can you imagine what FINRA would do to a respondent broker-dealer in an Enforcement action that announced on Day Five of the hearing – i.e., during the “final phase” of the hearing – that – whoops! – it had forgotten to produce certain documents that it should have produced eight months before… Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About FINRA Rule 8210

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As readers of this Blog know, Rule 8210 is a favorite subject of mine to complain about, particularly the frightening vigor with which FINRA constantly tests the limits of the rule.  What follows are some very helpful FAQs about Rule 8210 from Michael Gross.  –  Alan The Scope of the Rule Can FINRA really ask… Continue Reading

Rule 8210 Does Not Give FINRA The Right To Compel The Creation Of A Document, But I Guess No One Told FINRA

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I read today about a lawsuit that two registered persons, one of whom is a Chief Compliance Officer, filed against FINRA in federal court a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, lawsuits against FINRA are not particularly common, given the fact that FINRA has “absolute immunity” against monetary claims arising out of its regulatory activities.… Continue Reading

Narrative Answers in Enforcement Proceedings: Practical, Yet Impossible

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At a recent industry conference in New York, members of FINRA’s Office of Hearing Officers gathered to discuss current issues and topics relevant to FINRA disciplinary hearings. During one of the sessions, a Hearing Officer panelist lamented the format of the Answers he typically receives from the respondents in his cases. Almost without exception, respondents… Continue Reading