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Highlights from Day One of SIFMA-CL Conference

Posted in Best execution, CCO liability, Culture, Fiduciary duty, Fiduciary Standard, FINRA, municipal securities, SEC, SIFMA, Supervision
Opening Session/Firm Culture/CCO Liability. If you are reading this blog, then you, like me, have been probably eagerly waiting for the start of SIFMA’s annual Compliance and Legal conference not just for the jumbo shrimp at the reception, but also to learn some insights from the regulators about their concerns and intentions. If you attended… Continue Reading

Best Execution Standard Murkier Than Ever Despite So-Called “Guidance”

Posted in Best execution, Fiduciary Standard, FINRA
Based on the definition employed by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in 1964, best execution is the opposite of hard-core pornography: no one seems to know it when they see it. Despite this (at best) fuzzy standard, FINRA and the SEC still require all broker-dealers to obtain best execution for their customers when they place… Continue Reading