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Statutorily Disqualified? FINRA Says “Deal With It”

Posted in Disciplinary Process, Enforcement, FINRA, Sanctions, Statutory Disqualification
It is a nasty thing when one becomes statutorily disqualified. It means either leaving the industry, permanently, or having to file an MC-400 and trying to convince FINRA that you should be permitted to remain in the industry, albeit subject to heightened supervision and extra scrutiny from FINRA.  I have previously blogged about statutory disqualification,… Continue Reading

Nobody’s Perfect (And Even FINRA Finally Acknowledged It)

Posted in Compliance, Disciplinary Process, Enforcement, FINRA, Statutory Disqualification
Fans of this blog (or, at least, readers of this blog who are fans of Jeopardy) will no doubt remember Alan’s prior post, published a few weeks ago, and discussing a recent case that FINRA’s Department of Enforcement brought against one of our clients. From the very beginning, we, as her counsel, were both bewildered… Continue Reading

U-4 Omissions and Statutory Disqualification: Much Ado About Nothing

Posted in BrokerCheck, FINRA, Form U-4, Statutory Disqualification
I have discussed in prior blogs some issues with the process of registering individuals, and ensuring that information on U-4 is complete and accurate. To some degree, the debate is a bit silly, if the question is whether there is enough information provided on BrokerCheck. There is a real problem, however, one that is much… Continue Reading